The appointment with international design on 4 and 5 May 2019

MOARD is an EMOTION IN A UNIQUE PLACE where you can get in touch with creators of motorcycle style and culture

A location of 3500 square meters.

The first ever show dedicated to the motorcycle product design world, that will make people enjoy the thrill of bike riding through art, exhibitions, workshops, photography, cuisine and music, during a 48 hours interactive experience. The particular setting of Lanificio, the historic trendy venue in Rome, perfectly suits the mood concept that inspires the MOARD team.

The Moard is the first show dedicated to the world of product design with exhibitions, workshops and visual laboratories.


MOARD lets the audience be an active participant in the creative process of each and every artwork and project displayed discovering every details through designers and their technical team’s creativity, following every steps that lead to the final result. (altro…)


A performing, abstract and highly creative universe of international artists will create a perfect vibe at MOARD using wide exhibition spaces for pinstripers, sculptors and painters in order to show to the audience their live performances. (altro…)


Design as concept, expressed as creativity of international brands and motorcycles houses along their styling process through trends and past, present and future styles. (altro…)

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Lanificio159, Roma

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